Chivalry is alive and well! I repeat, chivalry is alive and well! Did you know that there are specific ways you can accept the date that will bump up the level of chivalry from your date?


In this audio recording you will learn:

* What to say if he asks if you want to "hang out sometime" (we give you an exact word-by-word script so you can't get it wrong)

* How to distinguish a man asking to spend time with you as a friend from a date

* The one logistic in the way he sets up the date that tells you a lot about how he feels about you

* How to roughly estimate how many other women he's seeing just by observing this one fact in the pattern of how he's asking you out for subsequent dates

* Exactly what to do if you want to turn down the date but not the man (i.e. the date activity doesn't work for you, but you'd like to go out with him if he offered a different idea)

* What types of activites for dates 1 - 3 are suitable (and why), and which types of activities are not suitable (and why)

* How to handle last-minute date invites (and why it's important that you handle them in this specific way)

* How to balance dating with your busy life of work, family, friends, and hobbies (and who gets priority and why)

* How to handle men who want to talk to you but never really step up to asking you out on a date

* How to protect your time so that you aren't left wondering any final details of the date down to the wire (and why it's important to protect your time).

* How to gracefully sidestep vague, unspecified plan, or his spontaneous invitations to do something different than the original date plan he invited you on.

We give you specific scripts (word for word descriptions of what to say) so that you'll never again be caught offguard in the process of setting up a date. Navigate these situations with scripts as smooth as silk so you can be happy and simultaneously bring out the best in the man you are dating.

1 hour 27 minute audio recording.


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"Hang-out dates begone! I'm ready for courtship, real dates, and men who act like gentlemen. Show me how my technique (or lack thereof) for accepting a date can impact all of these areas for better or for worse. Show me the best way."

I'm ready to learn