In any area of life, it helps to have knowledgeable guidance. Dating is no different.


It's a myth that you should be able to navigate the waters of dating with great success without any guidance.


It's a myth that navigating the questions and challenges of dating should come naturally.
It's a myth that the most effective dating advice comes from friends or family. (If following their well-meaning but hollow advice like "just show up and be yourself" was enough, wouldn't that advice have worked by now?)
The reality is that our everyday actions as women in the early stages of dating are subtly sending the person we are dating messages about whether to give us their best treatment or just throw us the equivalent of crumbs. Ouch. Harsh, but true.
You just probably never realized which actions these are and how much these small actions and details impact the trajectory of things with each person you are seeing.
We are talking about details as small as who picks the restaurant and who drives to whose side of town. (And if you are thinking, "Wait, are you telling me that who chooses the restaurant on the first date impacts the future of the relationship? You must be kidding!" then you especially need our help.) It all matters and it all impacts the trajectory, future, and tenor of the relationship in ways most women are not aware of (and if you're unaware you can easily accidentally steer things in a direction of being taken for granted,  ignored, overlooked, or ghosted).


You could keep doing what you've been doing, and maybe over the next couple of years stumble through another series of mediocre encounters.

Or you could be adored.


All it takes is changing your actions.


Which actions? That's where we come in. Let us guide you.


“This is a beacon of light in a foggy world for many women.”  - Sarah R.
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Learn How to Handle Tricky or Ambiguous Situations

For example, learn the exact script to use when he asks if you want to "hang out" sometime.

Yes, give me the script for what to say when he asks if I'd like to "hang out" sometime

Learn How to Nonverbally Communicate in a Way That Matches Your Goals

For example, learn what type of purse NOT to bring on the date, and why.

What type of purse is that?

Unconventional Advice That Works

For instance, learn what single logistic about how he sets up the dates can tell you a lot about how serious he is about you.

What is that single logistic?

You don't have to reinvent the wheel

If you are relying just on your own dating experience and that of your friends and family, you are working with a smaller pool of information to draw upon. You may be trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead, benefit from the experience of techniques that have been proven effective by hundreds of women.

If What You've Been Doing Isn't Getting You the Dating Results You Want, It's Time to Try Something New

If figuring it out on your own or with help of friends was working, you'd already be in the relationship you want. If what you're already doing isn't getting you the results you want, perhaps it's time to consider a new source of information.

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Fact: Better Information on Dating  Yields Better Results in Dating

It has been our experience in years of advising women on dating situations, that every woman can improve her dating experience once she has the power of better information on her side. We're here to provide information that will uplevel your dating.

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