Just as there is a way to dress for success on a job interview, there is a way to dress for success on a date.


But it might not be what you think.


In this audio recording, you will learn:

How to select an outfit for the date (including color, texture, and cut considerations for best results) in order to be most appealing to men seeking a long-term relationship.

What hairstyles to wear on the date (which hairstyles are most appealing to men), including advice on why your hairdresser's suggestions might be at odds with what works for dating (and how to navigate that scenario.)

What makeup look is best for a date (and which you should save for outtings with your friends instead).

Everything you need to know about nails for the date (including the length, color, and styles that are found most appealing to men).

What type of purse is best for the date (and why this one wrong style of purse to carry on the date could turn off your date subconsciously).

What shoes are the best choice for your date (including options for various categories of dates... dinner dates, dates involving some walking, and dates involving a lot of walking/activity).

What type of scent is specifically likely to attract men and how to achieve the perfect balance of a pleasant scent without overpowering anyone or potentially affecting anyone with chemical sensitivities.

Bonus tips including:

  • Save time and money with this genius 1st date prep idea
  • How to know when and whether to follow fashion trends
  • What purchases are unnecessary for success in dating when it comes to fashion, perfume, etc.

Get instant access now so you will have the information before the next time you need it. Don't buy one more date night dress or one more date night makeup product without us!

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Tired of racing through the mall trying to find a new outfit or makeup products to try to look great for each date? Are you making assumptions that you know what men like but failing to consider that they might be attracted to something more specific when seeking a lasting relationship versus just a date for the weekend?  Take our course and show up confident on the big date because you'll know that your choices in date outfit/hair/makeup (and more) are consistent with your goal of seeking a long-term relationship. Let us help you make sure your date look communicates the right things. The reality is that men have to like your look to fall in love, but there's more to creating the right date look than just looking "good."

I'm ready to learn