Valentineā€™s Day Decoded

Feb 17, 2021

How did your Valentine’s Day go ?


It’s actually a great opportunity to get a sense of how a man feels about you.


For Valentine’s Day, a man who is in love with you will make some sort of romantic gesture. It might be flowers, candy, a card, or jewelry. It might be a special dinner out or perhaps making a special dinner in for you.


In contrast, beware the man who makes cynical remarks about how Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by Hallmark to sell more cards and that he doesn’t believe in it.


A man who is in love doesn’t think like that. Rather, a man who is in love with you has fun thinking of something special that will put a smile on your face. He wants to see you happy.


It’s not the cost of the item/gesture that counts. It’s whether it’s romantic versus practical (or worse, nonexistent). Practical would be the guy who get you a blender, Amazon gift card, or something else practical for Valentine’s day (notice that blender or Amazon gift card has more of a “just friends” vibe, less of a romance vibe…if you’re not sure which category something falls into, think of romantic gifts as something that he wouldn’t feel comfortable giving to a buddy.) Non-existent would be the guy who avoids Valentine’s Day and reappears later without mentioning it.


You don’t want either practical or non-existent Valentine’s Day Guy. If your guy falls into either category, it may be a sign that he’s feeling lukewarm.


What if you just met the guy right before Valentine’s Day, is that an exception? If you meet in early February and you’ve only been dating a week or two, it might be a bit soon for anything to transpire on Valentine’s Day. But if you’ve been dating more than a couple weeks, it’s appropriate for him to make a romantic gesture of some sort for Valentine’s Day.


The man you’re meant to be with is going to have fun making you smile on Feb 14th. Hold out for that guy and don’t settle for anything less. It’s not about the candy/cards/flowers. It’s about having a man in your life who treasures you.


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- Coach Cori at the Love Academy for Women



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