Is Gushing About Your Man on Social Media the New Version of the Tattoo Curse?

Feb 24, 2021



Surely you have heard of the “tattoo curse”.


Many tattoo artists say that having the name of the person you love tattooed on you is a curse that will chase your lover away. Ask a tattoo artist, and if they like you, they’ll warn you. (Bravo fans will remember this playing out with Jax and Stassi of Vanderpump Rules or Tamra and Simon of The Real Housewives of Orange County as just two examples from reality TV shows.)


Consider this your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist alerting you about something else that can jinx your relationship. It’s gushing about the man you are dating on social media.


Okay, it’s less of a jinx and more of something that causes a man to lose interest.


Why might you be tempted to do this? Some women think it will make him feel appreciated. In reality, women tend to like this sort of thing, but it doesn’t translate well for men. Newflash: It is more likely to make him get bored with you and take you for granted. Men respond best to a challenge, and if you are gushing about him all over social media, that makes you about as much of a thrill as a 3 foot high basketball hoop. (One dunk and the thrill is gone.)


Another reason women might do this is possessiveness, to show that he is taken, in hopes that it will keep other women away. Newsflash: It won’t. It may however, make him feel suffocated and drive him away.


So what is the best way to handle social media with respect to the man you’re dating? Don’t mention him. Stay quiet and mysterious about your dating life on social media. Focus on your own life outside of him (both in social media and real life), such as your friends, hobbies, career, and interests. Keeping the focus on your own life will be the best foundation for what is to come in the future, be it with him or someone else.


 - Coach Cori at the Love Academy for Women


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