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How to Get Real Dates Instead of Hang-Out Dates

Unconventional advice that works

What you'll get:

  • How to deal with men who ask you to "hang out" (hint: using our script they'll either step up to ask you out on a real date or you'll stop wasting your time on them)
  • How to avoid accidentally stepping into "mommy energy" in the planning (and why that can lead to a lot of ghosting by men)
  • What single logistical factor in how he sets up the date tells you a lot about how he feels about you
  • How you can make a rough estimate of how many other women he's seeing just from the pattern of how and when he asks to see you
  • How to deal with last-minute invites (and why it's important that you handle them in a specific way)
  • Specific scripts for exactly what to say, word-by-word, in common scenarios that come up in setting up dates
  • Who should make the date arrangements and why
  • What counteroffering is and we don't recommend that women do it
  • What types of date activities are  best for dates 1 - 3 (and some we recommend avoiding until later on in the dating process and why)
  • How to handle men who talk to you but never step up to asking you out
  • How to turn down a date activity without turning down the man (allow him a chance to pick more suitable date activity)
  • How to protect your time so you aren't left wondering down to the wire about the details of the date
  • How to balance scheduling your dating life with work, friends, family, and hobbies (and what/who to prioritize) 
  • How to handle common scenarios that come up in scheduling the date, including common pitfalls to avoid (such as a man saying he'll get back to you later in the week with details on the date... we tell you a script that works better so you aren't left with details up in the air and your weekend schedule in limbo.)
  • 1 hr 27 min audio recording covering all these details, real life examples, specific scripts to use, and more.

Did you know? You can save yourself a world of frustration by setting up the dates in a specific way, using specific guidelines. Let our advice and scripts guide you to reduce your frustration and improve your dating results.